HeartBeatCVI – Our AI enabled CardioVascular Imaging Product

In the HealthCare industry, in the daily hectic schedule of Radiologists, it is indeed a tedious job to manually study patient’s MRI Images and diagnose Cardiovascular diseases.
There is a pressing need in the Radiology field to have a tool that can let MRI Images be ingested and can automatically provide all heart-related statistics.
This is possible by developing an AI solution that can automatically segment Left/Right Ventricle (LV/RV) from MRI images using Deep Learning methods for diagnosis & by building a Dashboard to display MRI images and diagnostic parameters for decision making

Here comes our Product HeartBeatCVI
HeartBeatCVI is a patented product of TechVedika, owned and built under the competency of Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning. Precisely, it empowers clinicians to quickly identify cardiovascular issues, determine treatment, and track progress.

  • The product uses Tech Vedika’s Vision Analytics platform to analyze an MRI scan from all points of the cardiac life cycle in under 2 minutes, thereby saving 28 minutes of the clinician’s time, every time.
  • The current manual process takes over 30 minutes to analyze the scan for 2 points of the cardiac life cycle).

Solution Approach

  • Deep learning-based training model to segment Left/Right ventricle (LV/RV) from MRI images.
  • Automatically calculates more than 20 important heart metrics used for diagnosis.
  • A dashboard for displaying Stroke volume, end-systolic volume, End diastolic volume, Ejection fraction, Heart rate, Cardiac index, Cardiac output and visualizing Body surface area.

Product Key Features

  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Segmentation Report
  • 17 Segment Model


  • The automatic segmentation of LV/RV from MRI images has reduced radiologist reading time from 30 to 2 min.
  • Real-time MRI segmentation has helped improving patient care and faster diagnosis.

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