Empowers clinicians to quickly identify cardiovascular issues, determine
treatment and track progress

Save Time & Improve Patient Care with HarmonyCVI

HarmonyCVI is an AI-based Automated Comprehensive Cardiovascular MRI Visualization & Quantification system to provide reliable and accurate results.

It uses Vision Analytics to analyze an MRI scan from all points of the cardiac life cycle in under 2 minutes, thereby saving about 25-30 minutes of the clinician’s time, every time.

Why HarmonyCVI?

AI enables


Rich feature set which caters to the clinician needs


Available 24/7 anywhere via Internet

No need to download any bulky software


Automated Precise Diagnostic Analysis to Improve Patient Outcomes


Analyzes MRI to create patient-specific report within seconds

Vendor Neutral

Easy analysis of data from various MRI machines

Simple User Interface

Simple & user friendly interface

Quick to learn, deploy and use

Allows for collaboration with other clinicians


  • Composite view of images, split into various panels based on selected image type
  • All the images can be analysed at once
  • Automated contour detection and calculation of various parameters of Left & Right ventricles
  • Robust Segmentation & Visualization of LV/RV and Wall contours
  • Automatic calculation of the volume & velocity of the blood Inflow and outflow in a region of heart along with automatic contour classification
  • Graphical Representation
  • Real-time interactive reports can be viewed in a dashboard
  • Clinical data uploads in pdf or free text form
  • Help clinicians to quickly assess the key parameters for faster & comprehensive diagnosis of cardiovascular conditions

Under the hood

HarmonyCVI leverages Deep Learning algorithms to analyse the input MRI features from coarse to fine scales through a series of convolutions, concatenates multi-scale features and finally performs a pixel-wise image segmentation for cardiovascular analysis.


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